Introducing Flashback Friday, with the Receptory in Humboldt Park


Receptory Postcard front

A few years ago on our sister publication Goodnight Raleigh, I started a weekly column (that continues today) featuring vintage postcards, history, and transcribed conversations written in decades past.

I’m excited to announce the addition of this column to Chicago Patterns, which will follow in the footsteps of our sister publication. Most Fridays we’ll feature a postcard with a handwritten letter and history related to the message or subject of the card. Our introductory article in this new column features the Humboldt Park Receptory.

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Columbus Park: Jens Jensen’s Crown Jewel in the Prairie Style

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Columbus Park

In the Austin neighborhood on the city’s West Side lies what is widely considered the grandest achievement of one of the most important landscape architects to walk the earth, Jens Jensen.

This Prairie Style marvel is surprisingly intact and maintains most of Jensen’s original vision from his years designing it from 1915 until 1920.

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