Chicago Patterns: Neighborhood storytelling through photography

Roeser’s Bakery: A Sweet Slice of Chicago History

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Roeser's Bakery with the #72 bus going by. John Morris/Chicago Patterns

Roeser’s Bakery with the #72 bus going by. John Morris/Chicago Patterns

Roeser’s Bakery, a fourth-generation family business that started in 1911, sits near the corner of North and Kedzie in Humboldt Park. The oldest family-owned bakery in the city continues to thrive,  due in large part to its commitment to quality and customer service, the Roeser family says.

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The 100-Year-Old Bridges of Chicago’s Douglas Park

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Gabriel X. Michael/Chicago Patterns

Douglas Park is one of Chicago’s most scenic city parks in the heart of the west side of Chicago. Spread across 174 acres in the North Lawndale community area, it is located between West Roosevelt Road and West 19th Street to the north and south (respectively), and South California Avenue and South Albany Avenue to the east and west.

Established in 1869 as the southern park of the West Park System, along with Humboldt (formerly “North”) and Garfield (formerly “Central”) Parks, the park exhibits the design talents of multiple renowned architects including William LeBaron Jenney, Oscar F. Dubuis, and Jens Jensen, along with locally-notable designers Michaelsen & Rognstad.

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Mr. Downing and the Bright Red Door

4500 Vincennes

John Morris/Chicago Patterns

On the 4500 block of Vincennes in Bronzeville are two sets of twin greystones–one pair is more Classically styled and the other is more Romanesque. These homes are part of an enclave of city firefighters and police officers, and many that live in the neighborhood have been here for generations.

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Chicago’s Ecclesiastical Marvel on the West Side: Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica

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Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady of Sorrows interior. John Morris/Chicago Patterns

At Jackson and Albany in East Garfield Park is Our Lady of Sorrows, one of three basilicas in the city. Like many churches and places of worship, the real effort in design and implementation went toward the inside rather than the outside of the structure.

The interior has one of the most spectacular displays of color, geometry, depth, and detail I’ve seen in a building.

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