The Portrait Artist and the Egyptian Lacquer Company


On a quiet street lined with utilitarian industrial buildings is an interesting part of the 1920s wave of Egyptomania that swept across the world after the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Today, this architectural artifact is a studio for a portrait artist with no desire for publicity.

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Little Giant of Groveland Park

Andi Marie/Chicago Patterns

Andi Marie/Chicago Patterns

On a recent trip to Ottawa, IL, I spent some time in the space where Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas first debated. When I looked at statue of Stephen Douglas, my thoughts instantly went to the Chicago’s South Side.

I imagined the past with trees, farmland, cottages, and Camp Douglas, the prisoner of war camp, to present day Lake Meadows, Groveland Park, and Bronzeville.

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Demolition Imminent for Former Standard Brewery Tied House (Updated)

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Detail view of the Standard Brewery logo masonry ornament detail and keystones. Gabriel X. Michael/Chicago Patterns

UPDATE 07/20/2015: 

One month since my last update, I can now report that the demolition of the former Standard Brewery tied house at 3801 West Grand Avenue has been completed. It began early on Monday, July 13th, continued through that day and the next, and the building was completely wrecked & removed by sunset on Tuesday, July 14th. I visited the site several times over that 48 hour period of demolition, and some photos made during those visits are seen below. Continue reading »

One Year Later: Controversial Demolition of A 19th-Century Barn in Avondale

Site of 2934 North Wisner Avenue barn, circa 1880s, before and after demolition.

Site of 2934 North Wisner Avenue barn, circa 1880s, before (December 2012) and after (June 2014) demolition.

A former Gothic style barn or stable at 2934 North Wisner Avenue was arguably one of the oldest structures standing in the Avondale & Logan Square community areas, and was built when the area near Milwaukee and Kimball Avenues was farmland (adjacent to the famed Kimbell Farm founded in 1836), with a few residential structures.

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