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Barber Shop of the Week: Corner Barber Shop


Corner Barber Shop

The building at 2929 N. Clark Street in Lake View was built in 1897, and  has a barber shop in its corner storefront. The current owner believes there has been a barbershop there for most of the years the building has existed, quite possibly over 100 years.

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Graceland Cemetery: A Grand Finale

Andi Marie 14 comments

Graceland Cemetery Chicago, IL 172_web

Many phenomenal architects have left their mark in the world, leaving amazing structures and spaces that fascinate us. The designing, planning, construction, and masonry leaves us in awe, but what leaves me in awe more is the intimate view of that final resting place and space.

My first article in a new series of final resting places is about Graceland Cemetery located 4001 N. Clark Street, which opened in 1860.

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Athenaeum Theatre

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Athenaeum 2

Athenaeum Theatre, located on Southport Avenue in Lake View, opened in 1911 as part of the campus of St. Alphonsus Catholic Church. Conceived as a neighborhood playhouse by the original German-American parish, the historic building is the oldest continuously operating off-Loop theater in Chicago.

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Schubas, Schlitz Brewery-Tied House at 3159 N. Southport

John Morris 1 comment

schubas (5)

When it comes to bars and saloons, nondescript is usually the architectural style. With a purpose requiring far less permanence than that of a bank, church, or government building, it makes sense that there are usually few exterior details that reveal the current tenants. Businesses in the hospitality industry come and go, and purposes shift over time.

In stark contrast to this norm are the Schlitz Brewery-tied houses across Chicago and the midwest. One of the finest preserved examples that still serves its original purpose is Schubas in Lake View.

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