411 W. Eugenie Avenue

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[Frederick Nachman]

[Frederick Nachman]

Marketed as a tear-down in late 2015, the 1895 cottage instead is undergoing a massive renovation involving both demolition and additions to the back and side of the lot.

Frederick Nachman

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  1. Allan M says:

    Burling Street between Armitage and Willow, used to have several houses that looked like this. I used to attend Newberry Academy for a few years down the street from here, and saw the demolition of at least a few of them back in the mid-1990s.

    I got the sense when I revisited Burling a few years back, that all of those such smaller houses that used to stand are gone in favor of McMansions. :( Glad you got a pic of this house on Eugenie, before it was demolished.

  2. 1) the property was never marketed as a tear down
    2) demolition was never proposed
    3) the addition is only to the rear, no width increase
    4) wood siding seen in the picture is drying after many years of neglect and being under aluminum siding, all part of a historic renovation approved by both the Chicago Landmarks Commission and the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency

  3. The cottage, known as the Jacob Lauer Residence was built in 1874.

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