A Woman’s Name Above the Door

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[John Morris/Chicago Patterns

Corner of Augusta and Oakley, built 1917

[John Morris/Chicago Patterns]

Palmyra (with a Municipal Device on the cartouche)
2530-2532 Kedzie Boulevard, built 1902

[John Morris/Chicago Patterns]

2500 N Kedzie Boulevard, early 1900s

[John Morris/Chicago Patterns]

1000-1002 N Oakley, built around 1915.

Prairie Styles of the 4900 block of Bernard St.

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4927 N Bernard [John Morris/Chicago Patterns]

The stretch of Bernard Street in Albany Park between Lawrence Avenue and the North Branch of the river is home to several Prairie-styled homes and flats. They range from initial settlement of the area (just after the turned of the century) to the boom days of the 1920s.

4927 Bernard (above) is a yellow-brick two-flat built around 1921.

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5000 Block of N Ridgeway Ave

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5019-5023 N. Ridgeway, built 1927. [John Morris/Chicago Patterns]

The 5000 block of N. Ridgeway in Albany Park, featuring Arts and Crafts and Prairie-influenced two-flats.

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The Chicago Alderman Who Outlawed Tall Hats and Tried to Outlaw Football

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1930 N. Cleveland, once home to Alderman Plotke [John Morris/Chicago Patterns]

At 1930 N. Cleveland St, a white Italianate cottage (above) stands as an ornate link to Nathan Plotke, a mostly forgotten Chicago alderman and Illinois state legislator, who, in 1897 made national headlines with two articles of legislation.

He gained notoriety for his efforts to prohibit the wearing of tall hats in a theater, and later ridicule for his attempt to outlaw football in the city of Chicago. He was additionally remembered by his children for making an incorrect prediction about the Great Fire in 1871.

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