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Chicago Architecture Lost in 2015


357 West Locust Street - St. Dominic’s Catholic Church. [John Morris/Chicago Patterns]

St. Dominic’s Catholic Church was demolished in 2015. [John Morris/Chicago Patterns]

Whether by neglect or new development, Chicago lost several historic or architecturally important structures in 2015.

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The House That Gunpowder Built and the 1886 Explosion That Shook the City

whitehouse (1)

John Morris/Chicago Patterns

Near the corner of 36th and Western in Brighton Park is a boarded up Italianate mansion, known as the DuPont-Whitehouse house. Financing and motivation to build the house came from DuPont de Nemours & Company, an explosives company dating to the early 1800s.

The house’s stark symmetry, boarded up windows, and tall stature command attention. The home also represents one of the largest turning points in prosperity for the Brighton Park neighborhood.

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Former R/C Bottling Plant and Steel Strapping Company Razed


47th (1)

About a month ago, heavy equipment and salvage workers were making quick work of what remained of a large factory complex in Brighton Park.

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