A Brief History of Milwaukee Avenue: the Chicago School and Sullivanesque Style

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The first part of this series looked at the early history of Milwaukee Avenue, and now we’re going to look at two related styles prevalent along the diagonal thoroughfare: the Chicago School and Sullivanesque.

Above is the Chicago School style, 1913 Holabird & Roche building at Milwaukee, North, and Damen.

The Chicago School (or Commercial Style) is frequently referred to as the architectural style that brought forth the earliest skyscrapers. This style was practiced by the firms of Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, Holabird and Roche, and Burnham and Root.

The Sullivanesque style evolved in the late 1890s, growing out of inspiration from Adler & Sullivan’s grand creations. Some of its early practitioners were former employees of Adler & Sullivan’s firm and went on to create landmarks and icons espousing the principles of the firm.

But by the 1920s, the Sullivanesque architectural style quietly morphed into to a regional design pattern, one of many choices for economical facade design.

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The Value is in the Land: 1000 W. Monroe

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1000 W. Monroe, in March of this year [John Morris]

Almost a year ago a plan was unveiled for the corner of Monroe and Morgan in West Loop. It featured 12 luxury residences with a parking spot for each unit, and called for replacing a 6 unit building constructed in 1889.

Last week, demolition began on these 19th century twin Italianate three-flats to make way for the new condo building.

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Why save the South Shore Nature Sanctuary?

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South Shore Nature Sanctuary [Eric Allix Rogers/Chicago Patterns]

South Shore Nature Sanctuary [Eric Allix Rogers/Chicago Patterns]

Every inch of Chicago’s lakefront has been shaped by human hands. Transforming a swampy scrub into terrain suitable for a major metropolis is no small project, and the contours of the shore have been aggressively adjusted to make space. Continue reading »

63rd Street Heyday’s Remnants at Risk as Woodlawn Development Takes Off

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63rd Street in Woodlawn [Eric Allix Rogers/Chicago Patterns]

63rd Street in Woodlawn [Eric Allix Rogers/Chicago Patterns]

With the coming of the Obama Presidential Center, the continued southward expansion by the University of Chicago and a tentative plan to remake the Jackson Park golf course into a PGA Tour-worthy venue, the fortunes of Woodlawn look to be rapidly changing.  Once one of the city’s largest entertainment and night-life districts, a new spotlight is shining brightly on an area long marked by disinvestment, demolition and decline.

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