Romanesque Rowhouses on 42nd

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Romanesque rowhouses on 42nd near Ellis dating to 1888 in Oakland.

Driveway, Drexel Boulevard (A Merry Xmas to You)

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This week in our long overdue Flashback Friday series, we look at a holiday greeting postmarked Dec. 23, 1908 on a picture postcard of Chicago’s famed Drexel Boulevard on the South Side.

Although most, if not all, of the homes pictured above have since been demolished, the boulevard still boasts some of the city’s grandest homes.

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Romanesque Greystone Rowhouses in Bronzeville

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Romanesque greystones

At King and 44th, some of the city’s finest Romanesque greystone row houses. Similarly styled, yet each is unique.

Mr. Downing and the Bright Red Door

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4500 Vincennes

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On the 4500 block of Vincennes in Bronzeville are two sets of twin greystones–one pair is more Classically styled and the other is more Romanesque. These homes are part of an enclave of city firefighters and police officers, and many that live in the neighborhood have been here for generations.

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