Day Into Night at Damen and Division

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The corner of Damen and Division is always buzzing with pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. I set up a camera on a particularly colorful evening recently and recorded the transition from day into night, compressing it to about 60 seconds.

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Get to Know an ‘L’ Line: Green Line, Lake Branch

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Take a virtual ride on the Lake branch of the CTA Green Line from Clinton to Harlem.

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End of the Line for the 2200 Series CTA Cars


After a 44 year run, the oldest cars on the CTA roster were retired from service on July 31st. In the weeks leading up to that date, I filmed several afternoon runs of the 2200 series on the Blue Line shown in the video above.

The streamlined stainless steel cars were loved by a few and loathed by many. They had their faults, but the 2200 series represented several firsts and set the design style which has existed on Chicago’s elevated transit cars ever since.

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