Eagle Atop the Centennial Monument in Logan Square

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Logan eagle

John Morris/Chicago Patterns

Built in 1918 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of statehood for Illinois, the eagle, monument, and base are the central focal point for Logan Square park (which is actually a triangle).

John Morris/Chicago Patterns

Bas-relief base in January 2013, prior to recent renovation. John Morris/Chicago Patterns

The column was designed by Henry Bacon, architect of the Lincoln Monument. The bas-relief sculpture base was the work of Evelyn Longman, who became inspired to become a sculptor at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition.

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  1. Avatar audrey Farnsworth says:

    I was always told that Harry Oates, who was a stone carver, and had a stone yard on Armitage ave. and springfield ave. carved the eagle in Logan Square, I know of this for I married Harry Oates grandson, Wallace Farnsworth, I know he was not the artist,but he did the carving. Comment

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