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Wins and Losses for Chicago Buildings in 2016

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Every year brings new buildings and the demolition of others–it’s the continuous cycle that transforms inanimate structures into the growing and evolving organism of a city. In times of wealth and prosperity the number of construction and demolition permits grow, and in times of recession they dwindle.

Last year this cycle repeated largely as it has in years past. But there were a few themes in the destruction of Chicago’s architectural heritage: late 19th century Worker’s Cottages, grand South Side homes, Italianate row houses, and a few sparkling Victorians on the North Side.

It wasn’t all losses in 2016–there were a few wins, particularly neglected or damaged churches that will live on through adaptive reuse.


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[Sixty Th]hird State Bank

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South Side Masonic Temple

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South Side Masonic Temple

South Side Masonic Temple at 64th and Green, read more at Landmarks Illinois.

Oversized Bay Window and Cupola at 59th and Union

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59th and Union in Englewood

At 59th and Union in Englewood is this Victorian-era commercial/residential building with an extra large bay window and cupola. It was built in 1893.