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Get to Know an ‘L’ Station: Conservatory – Central Park Drive

John Morris 1 comment

green_line_conservatory_central_park_drive (1)

As the name implies, the Conservatory – Central Park Drive CTA station serves as the stop for the Garfield Park Conservatory. An interesting aspect of this beautiful structure is that it once served another location with a different name.

Previously known as Homan station, CTA deconstructed the building located at Homan and Lake in 2000. It was later reassembled at Lake and Central Park in 2001.

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Greystones and Grandeur on The West Side

Andi Marie 6 comments

West Side greystone

The West Side once was so grand and prosperous, from the greystones and storefront structures that are mostly empty shells to the magnificent churches. It is not hard to imagine how they once were, from the ornate detailing to the Corinthian pillars.

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Garfield Park Fieldhouse, the “Gold Dome Building”

John Morris 3 comments

Garfield Park Fieldhouse

One Chicago’s most striking and unique structures is the Garfield Park Fieldhouse. Known to many as the “Gold Dome Building,” this dramatic and detailed building is a rare local example of the Spanish Baroque style.

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