Greystones and Grandeur on The West Side


West Side greystone

The West Side once was so grand and prosperous, from the greystones and storefront structures that are mostly empty shells to the magnificent churches. It is not hard to imagine how they once were, from the ornate detailing to the Corinthian pillars.

West Side greystone

Most facades surprisingly have been saved. The eccentric designs are breath taking, all of these structures still stand tall and proud. They tell a story of what once was.


Happy to see that there are some places that have been or are being restored and renovated. The property owner is aware of the gem they have, instead of letting these gems meet the wrecking ball. Please note that one does noticed that gentrification is taking place on the great West Side.

West Side greystone

There is so much history and places to see, but you do have to watch out for a great deal of gone wrongs. I noticed in taking quick shots that I to was being watched, but I guess they were curious as to what I was doing.


I found myself trying to engage in conversation about history of the area. Take time to visit the Chicago History Museum and learn about the different neighborhoods that make up Chicago.

West Side greystone

6 responses to “Greystones and Grandeur on The West Side”

  1. Karl Larson says:

    Nice pics of these Victorian jewels, Andi. Chicago is such an architectural wonderland! :)

  2. Cat Ellington says:

    Andi Marie, Your Passion For Architecture Just Amazes Me. My Husband Is A Native Westsider, & He Too Can Appreciate These Wonderful Photos, & The Captions That Accompany Them Here. Another Job Well Done On Your Part.

  3. Konrad says:

    Hurrah West Side !!!

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