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Art Deco Redo

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[John Morris/Chicago Patterns]

Art Deco/Moderne re-do of a commercial corner on an 1895 residential building at 530 W. Armitage.

Five North Side Worker’s Cottages Facing Demolition

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2420 W. Iowa has a pending demo permit [John Morris/Chicago Patterns]

As Spring is in full bloom, so too is the traditional hot season for real estate. Unfortunately this also means some of Chicago’s historic housing stock gives way to new construction, much of it concentrated in near North and Northwest Side neighborhoods that developed in the 1870s and 1880s.

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Wins and Losses for Chicago Preservation in 2017

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1436 W. Berwyn faced demo, but now owned by preservation-minded buyer [John Morris/Chicago Patterns]

2017 brought the usual bag of heartbreaking losses in Chicago’s housing and building stock, but there are several notable wins too. In our annual retrospective of historic preservation, many themes of years past continue: 19th-century Italianate homes and flats in hot neighborhoods are replaced with new construction, one-of-a-kind landmarks in or near the city center are lost in the name of progress, and demolition by neglect continues.

As the race to capitalize on this current real estate cycle continues, landmark status is often the only effective tool to preserve historically important structures. Preservation-minded real estate buyers also continue to affect real change in preservation efforts.

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The Value is in the Land: Lincoln Park Italianate Edition

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2145 N Fremont, released from Demolition Delay list over the summer [John Morris/Chicago Patterns]

Last month we looked at the history of Italianate cottages and flats in the near West/Northwest Side neighborhoods, and how they are getting torn down to make way for larger residences. While that story is relatively new for those neighborhoods, it’s almost a tradition in near North Side areas like Lincoln Park.

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