South Side Masonic Temple

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South Side Masonic Temple

South Side Masonic Temple at 64th and Green, read more at Landmarks Illinois.

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  1. Andi Marie Andi Marie says:

    The Mason’s mark are still visible.

  2. Robert Cunningham says:

    I would have love to see what South Side Masonic Temple was in its prime in the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s. How many Blue lodges, Royal Arch chapters, Councils and Commanderies as well as Eastern Star chapters met here? I have to believe from September thru June there was activity every night of the week with the exception of Sunday. Just a tour of this beautiful structure during its prime before it was abandoned would have been a great experience. I hope the efforts to save it are successful!

    • Eugene Stepney says:

      It has broken my heart today to see Our Lodge torn down! Thanks A Lot Raum Emaual for Not Preserving This Lodge In Englewood that was built in 1921!!! You Won’t Get My Vote. Brother Eugene Stepney111

  3. Robert Cunningham says:

    You have to wonder what happened to all the Masonic organizations that met in this beautiful temple when the building was abandoned?

  4. Robert Cunningham says:

    One final note. I wonder if there is anyone living that used to attend meetings at this beautiful structure who would be willing to share some memories of this once beautiful and active Masonic Temple? Memories such as lodge meeting rooms, the auditorium, dinning halls, etc. As a 49 year Mason from Ohio and also now Arizona I am fascinated by former Masonic lodge halls. In my 49 year Masonic Membership I have witnessed on Cleveland’s east side where I grew up the closing and or destruction of 8 Masonic Lodge halls. Thank you.

  5. Eric says:

    Does anyone know about what lodges met in this Temple? Also when was it abandoned?

  6. Bryan mcpherson says:

    Il find out hopefully tomorrow. I emailed the grand lodge today

  7. Bro. Bryan McPherson Sr. Riverside Lodge 862 A.F.A.M Illinois says:

    The south side masonic temple was built in 1921 and housed several Ancient free and excepted Masonic lodges. These were not Prince Hall Brothes and included Mispah lodge, Boulevard lodge, University lodge (2 years) Kosmos lodge, Richard Cole lodge, Cyrene lodge Wildeck lodge, Southtown lodge.Several appending masonic bodies met there including Mizpah Cammandry. The building was let go of in 1964 by the fraternity but was still used untill the 1980’s

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