A Victorian Greystone in East Garfield Park

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229 - 241 North Sacramento Boulevard, built 1894

This Victorian-style greystone consists of units that are 3 stories each with full basements. Its construction coincides with the establishment of the Sacramento station (closed and demolished in 1949) on the Lake Street elevated rail in early 1894.

West facade and entrances

Gabriel X. Michael/Chicago Patterns

West facade and entrances of 229-239 North Sacramento Boulevard.

second-story oriel window

Gabriel X. Michael/Chicago Patterns

Southern facade with second-story oriel window of 229 North Sacramento Boulevard. Notice the supporting row of six star bolts at the top of the brick wall.


Gabriel X. Michael/Chicago Patterns

View of Sacramento Boulevard, Walnut Street from entrance of 233-235 North Sacramento Boulevard. Other residential buildings within a block radius were built between 1877-1899.


Gabriel X. Michael/Chicago Patterns

Detail of entrance and front doors to 233-235 North Sacramento Boulevard. Notice the detailed stone arch, divider and incised address numbers on the base of each end.

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  1. Hassan says:

    They don’t make them like this anymore. The detail is what really stands out

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